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Since 1991, Baiyu Digital has upheld its vision and enthusiasm for vision, and has actively invested in the integration of film and television production, audio and video post-production, editing, animation visual effect synthesis and audio-visual streaming and other technologies, and has the industry's most high-end and complete audio-visual system equipment. . Baiyu Digital provides comprehensive film and television content production services. Since 2014, it has become the only image post-production processing center in Taiwan that has been authorized by the American company Apple iTunes and Google Play. It has assisted in the distribution of up to 800 film works, including winning the Oscar Award 《La La Land》 and "The Revenant》, starting in 2017 with cultural and creative stocks, invested in 《More Than Blue》, 《Do You Love Me As I Love You》... and many other blockbuster movies, and successively completed The Post-production of 《Bridge Curse》, 《Your Name Engraved Herein》, 《Plurality》 and other films. Starting in 2018, we will develop original film and television content, from script development to filming and production management. In 2021, we will launch the first fully self-made original flagship album 《Light the Night》 in cooperation with American Netflix.

Our Service

our service
Matchmaking & Development
  • 1

    Production Financing

  • 2

    Filming & Production

  • 3

    IP Development & Marketing

  • 4

    Artist Management

Video Post-production
  • 1

    Digital Editing

  • 2

    Visual Effects

  • 3

    Digital Grading

  • 4

    DIT File Management

  • 5

    DCP Digital Master Production and Screening

  • 6

    Streaming Video Conversion, QC, Inspection, Repair

  • 7

    Subtitle Translation, Transcription

  • 8

    3D Parallax Subtitling

Authorization Convergence
  • 1

    Overseas & Domestic Copyright Publication

  • 2

    Media Marketing and Promotion

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