• Film Making
  • Post-production
  • Type:
    45mins / 8 episodes
  • Genere:
  • Storyline:
    Baba The Witch, a once lesser lesser-known yet mysterious internet celebrity, predicts that an internet celebrity will be gunned down by a criminal police officer, Chen JiaJia-Ren. Consequently, Chen starts an investigation into the case, along with a fellow officer Li Sin Sin-Ping and an influencer Pomelo, just to learn that it’s a serial murder specifically targeting the influencers. After Baba The Witch successfully predicted yet another three murder cases, she became an internet sensation, gaining her millions of followers as a result. As the dots start to connect, Chen, to his astonishment, finds out that Baba The Witch has something to do with his longlong-lost daughter, You You-Jie …