• Film Making
  • Post-production
  • Length
  • Director
    Ya-chuan Hsiao
  • Actors
    Kuan-Ting Liu, Run-yin Bai, Akio Chen, Eugenie Liu, Mugi Kadowaki
  • Synopsis
    The story takes place in 1989, an era when all people had shares. The little boy Liao Jie and his father Liao Tailai were dependent on each other. They believed that human nature was good and did not realize that the world was changing. The stock market has soared and prices have doubled. Some people have become rich overnight, while others have realized the cruelty of reality; the simple and honest Liao Jie and his son belong to the latter. Unexpectedly, they meet a clever and cunning "old fox", and their fate may be completely different. Wealth and conscience are two different roads. How to choose?